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Our Story

Our Story

D&P brings quality perfumes closer to you…

We set out to offer everyone the opportunity to wear a good perfume that lasts long, radiates fragrance and at the same time, remains affordable. We believe that for far too long major fashion houses have made perfumes out of reach for most by adding unnecessary marketing, real estate and production costs. Our goal is to provide the same experience, without the ‘luxury tax’.

D&P Perfumum history began in 1999. The idea was very simple - high-quality perfumes at prices to suit every pocket and an extremely wide range of fragrances. Something for everyone.

Our perfumes derive their inspiration from the fragrance of the big fashion houses of the world. Each scent is formulated and mixed with the best ingredients in the right quantities to give our customers the premium experience they have come to expect.

D&P Perfumm utilizes raw materials that are supplied from the member states of the European Union, where human health-related controls are at the highest level, and all of our raw materials comply with IFRA (International Fragrance Association).

In order to manage to keep prices at an affordable level, all our fragrances are sold in standard bottles. Whatever your favorite perfume is, you should know that you have every chance to find it at D&P Perfumum.

We gave up any major marketing efforts that rely on extravagant budgets, preferring that the success of the brand comes from our satisfied customers and their recommendations.

D&P perfume bottles are specially designed, and the shape and type are registered under their own brand. The bottle can be found in both the 50 ml and the 100 ml volumes.

Our company has grown from year to year. Customers appreciated the quality of our fragrances and felt obsessed with the wide range that we have offered them. It’s obvious that now we have over 500 stores opened in 40 countries.

+40 Countries            +500 Stores            +400 Types of Products